Rescue Units

In 1992 Robert M. Bland, Founder, and Director of Teen Missions International asked the Teen Missions board for seed money to start orphanages to rescue as many children as possible. The Teen Missions board not only gave start-up funds but also full use of their video studio, printing, and graphics equipment. AIDS Orphans was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1993.  In 1997 AIDS Orphans and Street Children began with a traditional orphanage.  By 2001 we discovered a new concept in taking the “orphanage to the orphan” and that has allowed us a more practical way to help thousands.

Matron Units

Secondary schools are few and far between in these remote bush areas and many girls have to walk in excess of seven miles each way to school.  Staying with families who live near the schools has not proved to be a successful alternative as many are abused.  To help keep these girls safe, we began a dormitory program in 2003.  By fall of 2004, we had 67 girls boarding with us under the supervision of two matrons (young lady graduates of our national Bible schools). Before we started the dormitories, the headmaster reported that 50% of the girls were abused or became pregnant, many most likely will contract AIDS.  Our matrons reported after the first year that there was not a single pregnancy and all the girls except two advanced to the next grade.  Currently, we are caring for over 300 girls.



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