Projects with Eternal Purpose

AIDS Orphans and Street Children opened its first Orphans Rescue Unit in November of 2001. This new concept in taking the “orphanage to the orphan” has been very successful and is literally saving lives. Through these Units we are meeting needs of children who once had no one to care for them. We are also making a difference by enhancing village life through the donations of nutrition seminars, wells and grinding mills.

As we are driven by the compassion of Christ, we have been seeing more ways that we can improve the standard of living for these people by providing more service opportunities. Each project enables us to have additional outreach with not only the orphans, but also their entire villages. We do not want to just meet their physical needs, but want to meet their spiritual needs as well by introducing them to the Lord Jesus Christ.

As you review this project list we ask that you prayerfully consider how you can help meet one or more of these needs that will literally change someone’s life.

“But whoever has this world’s goods, and sees his brother in need, and shuts up his heart from him, how does the love of God abide in him.” – I John 3:17 (NKJV)



Choose an Eternal Purpose practical relief and development project for orphans from this list. Projects can be sponsored by a church, Sunday school class, youth group or by an individual or family.

Bibles—$12 each

Bibles for Orphans

Bibles are so accessible to us, it is hard for us to imagine not having one of our own. However, this would be a luxury to an orphan. As our Motorcycle Sunday School Ministry continues to grow, we would love to purchase Bibles for the orphans and villagers in their national heart languages.

Bicycle $100


Most of our Units are so remote that there is only one mode of transportation—walking. They would consider it a blessing to have a bicycle when they go out to do evangelism.

4 Chickens $20


Being a good source of protein, we try to raise chicken for both the facilitators and orphans at the Unit.

Cow $300


The children will be trained by the facilitators on how to care for and milk the cow. We recognize that they are a great source of income and provide milk and added nutrition.

Ducks $90


In areas where there is water, ducks thrive and provide the children and facilitators with a source of protein. This price includes fencing and starter ducklings.

Pigs—4 for $200


Pigs can be a great blessing if they are taken care of well. They are wonderful for providing food and income.

Individual Orphan Goat Project: 2 goats $80


Orphans dream about owning their own goat. They can be used for food, supply milk, or be a source of income for other needs.

Fish Pond $400


Some places have a sufficient water supply to sustain a fishpond. They are hand-dug and give the villages fish that are an excellent source of protein.

Fruit Trees for Village or Unit—2 for $40

Fruit Trees

Many cannot afford to purchase fruit trees, but they are a good way to add nutrition to their diets. This project would place trees either at a Unit or in a nearby village and would give food for years.

Sacks of Maize—$20 a sack


Because of this project countless numbers of people are saved during the famine season. The bases store maize to give to the people, leaving behind a great testimony of serving.

Maize Mill $3300

Maize Mill

Maize Mills, that are run by diesel engines, have an impact on many lives. In remote areas, it is very difficult to get your maize to a mill to grind into meal, which is an essential staple in African diets.

Granary $330

You can save a life by placing one of these granaries at a Unit. They have helped tremendously during times of famine. They are 6' in diameter by 6' high block granaries that store maize (the staple food of African diets). The granaries prevent the maize from becoming infested with weevils and give a place for the maize to be stored during the dry season when the cost can increase 300-500%.

Mosquito Nets $10 each

Mosquitoe Net

According to National Geographic, one million people die each year from Malaria—90% of those live in Africa. Being able to provide nets for those living around the Units is a great blessing.

Blankets $12 each


Many children suffer from the cold in the dry season because they are too poor to own a blanket. You can make a life-changing difference by doing something simple and practical.

Nutritional Seminars at Units—Cost per Unit $150

Many of the orphans at the Unit are malnourished. The facilitators run seminars on how to make a protein-rich porridge that will increase their overall health. This diet of soybeans, peanuts, and other protein ingredients, are both easily accessible and very beneficial.

Hand-Dug Well with Pump $575


Often times, you don't need to dig far before you come across the water table when you are near a creek or a river. In areas like this, a hand-dug well is practical and can even be built for a fraction of the cost of a drilled well. In order to keep the sides from falling during digging, so that the well can be walled up with bricks or blocks, a coffer dam is additionally needed.

Bore Hole Well $6600

Clean water is a basic need. There are some areas where a hand-dug well or coffer dam is not sufficient and, in these cases, we may need to drill a deep well. Even though this is an expensive operation, it does guarantee a good water source and prevents contamination that causes sickness and death.

Solar Panel Light System $330


There are times, in the middle of the night, when people will come to the units for help. There are no lights at any of our Units and it makes it difficult to care for these people. A solar panel would give light every night and be a great help.

Solar Lanterns $25 each


There is no electricity at any of the Rescue Units. A solar lantern provides portable light every night.

Rescue Unit Libraries—10 books $60

Imagine having no books available to you. In remote Units this is the case, even for schools. We want the orphans to practice their reading skills so we are putting together small libraries. They would have a variety of books: children's classics, missionary biographies, and Bible stories. These books are treasured by the children and bring enjoyment for hours.

Soccer Balls $12 (each)

Orphans play soccer by making balls out of bags, trash and anything they can find. A real luxury is to have an actual soccer ball. What a joy it would be toprovide a ball to little boys who have dreams of being on a National Football team.

Volleyball Court, Nets and Balls $50

This project brings great enjoyment to the children at the Unit, but is also a great way to minister. The court is placed near the Unit, so balls can be stored, and they also share Bible stories with the children that come to play. (The court is leveled and the boundaries are marked with brick. Two painted posts are set to hold the nets, which are anchored with turnbuckles to keep them tight.)

Zambia Container Project

Zambia, Africa Needed!  A Shipping Container! Sub-Saharan Africa is more heavily affected by AIDS than any other region of the world. Worldwide, there are an estimated 15 million AIDS Orphans. Of that number, 11.6 million live in sub-saharan Africa. There are approximately 1.2 orphans in Zambia alone. The vision and goal of Teen Missions is to provide for …

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